• Good CMRR: typ. 50dB at 60Hz & 20kHz
• Excellent audio performance
– Wide bandwidth: > 8.6 MHz
– High slew rate: 12 V/µs
– Low distortion: 0.0006 % THD
– Low noise: -106 dBu
• Precise internal resistor matching: typ 0.5%
• Low Current: 2 mA
• Three gain versions: 0 dB, ± 3 dB, & ± 6 dB
• Industry-standard pinout
• Low cost

Datasheet Download

Datasheet Download
1250-Series Datasheet (133 kB)
Balanced Line Receiver ICs


• Balanced Audio Line Receivers
• Instrumentation Amplifiers
• Differential Amplifiers
• Precision Sum and Difference Networks
• M-S Matrices
• Precision Rectifiers
• Precision gain amplifiers
• Current Shunt Monitors


The low-cost THAT 1250-series of precision differential amplifiers are designed primarily for use as audio balanced line receivers. Fabricated using THAT’s proprietary DI process, the THAT 1256 is pin compatible with the THAT 1246. the Texas Instruments INA137, and Analog Devices SSM2143, while the THAT 1250 is pin compatible with the 1246, INA134, and SSM2141. The THAT 1253 is pin-compatible with the 1243. The parts are available in models which can be configured as differential amplifiers for 0dB, +/-3dB, and +/-6dB gain.

The 1250-series achieves its low cost by eliminating laser trimming compared to its pin-compatible relations. As a result, the 1250-seriues offers less common mode rejection and precision in its resistor ratios compared to the 1240-series (and equivalents from other manufacturers).

Key Specifications (see 1250 Series datasheet for complete specifications)
Parameter Symbol Conditions Typical Units
Gain   THAT 1250
THAT 1253
THAT 1256
± 3
± 6
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
Input Voltage Range
Differential – equal & opposite swing
Output Noise BW = 20 kHz 1250
Total Harmonic Distortion
Power Supply Voltage
± 3 to ± 18 V
Supply Current
Supply Rejection Ratio 90 dB
Small Signal Bandwidth RL = 2kΩ, CL = 10pF 1250
Capacitive Load 200 (Max.) pF
Model Gain Package Order Number Pricing (1000) Min Order Quantity Reference
1250 0 dB 8 pin DIP 1250P08-U $0.95 50 Request Samples
8 pin SO 1250S08-U $0.69 98
8 pin SO Tape & Reel 1250S08-UR Contact us 2000
1253 -3 dB 8 pin DIP 1253P08-U $0.95 50
8 pin SO 1253S08-U $0.69 98
8 pin SO Tape & Reel 1253S08-UR Contact us 2000
1256 -6 dB 8 pin DIP 1256P08-U $0.95 50
8 pin SO 1256S08-U $0.69 98
8 pin SO Tape & Reel 1256S08-UR Contact us 2000
All 1250-Series parts are RoHS compliant.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is one tube or one reel. Parts must be ordered in multiples of the MOQ. Samples are available to qualified applicants. Pricing is subject to change. ICs designated -UR are available on tape and reel for a modest increase in price and require an extended lead time. Please contact our sales department for pricing and current lead time.

Design Notes (as PDF files)

Design Note 133   Achieving Optimum CMRR with Differential Input A/D Converters (53k)

Design Note 140   Input and Output Circuits for THAT Preamplifier ICs (244k)

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