There are many applications where integrated circuits face harsh environments that are beyond the range of standard commercial offerings. This requires higher grade packaging of the die with screening and testing of these devices to more severe electrical, mechanical or thermal limits. This process increases the components’ reliability and survivability in harsh or demanding environments. TT Semiconductor has the expertise in the manufacture of standard semiconductor products specifically designed to meet these requirements. THAT Corporation has authorized TT Semiconductor to repackage its IC products in ruggedized plastic for the medical, aerospace, defense, and heavy industrial marketplaces.

About TT Semiconductor

TT Semiconductor is the leading manufacturer of electronic components designed to survive under extreme temperature ranges and harsh environmental conditions. The current standard product offering is focused on high performance analog and memory devices.

TT Semiconductor is a newly formed division of Twilight Technology. Twilight Technology was founded in 1994 to service the custom high temperature, harsh environment semiconductor market. Subsequent growth and steady investment in facilities and equipment permitted Twilight to segment the business into the ruggedized standard products division, TTSemiconductor, which included a broadening in the standard product offering to analog integrated circuits.

The backbone of the company is its mission statement: Total Customer Satisfaction. This mission is accomplished through products that offer great value and are supported and guaranteed to an industry best product warranty. Factory applications engineering and a worldwide network of sales offices and representatives are ready and available to assist with any customer requests.

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