• Versatile three-chip solution:
– 1583 (2x) Programmable analog gain blocks
– 5263 Two-Channel Digital gain controller

• Accommodates full pro audio levels
+27.8 dBu max input with ±17V supplies
• Programmable gain: 0 to 51 dB in 3 dB steps
• Low Noise: -125.5 dBu EIN, 51 dB gain, Rs=150 Ω
• Low THD+N: < 0.003 % @ 24 dB gain
• Integrated zero crossing detector minimizes switching noise
• Daisy Chainable SPI control interface
• Two general purpose outputs (GPOs)
• Small footprint:
4 x 4 mm QFN16 (1583)
5 x 5 mm QFN24 (5263)

Datasheet Download

Product Datasheets Download 
5263 Datasheet (443 kB)
Digital Mic Preamp Controller
1583 Datasheet (190 kB)
Differential Audio Preamplifier

Demo Board Datasheet & Software 
5263-DEMO Datasheet
(776 kB PDF file)
5263-DEMO Software
(4.2 MB ZIP file)


The THAT1583 and THAT5263 ICs enable digitally controlled microphone preamplifier applications with unprecedented performance. Operating on maximum ±17V supplies, the chipset accepts pro audio input levels (+27.8 dBu max) without an input pad. Gain is adjustable from 0dB to 51dB in 3dB increments. The 5263’s built-in zero-crossing detector and other patent-pending techniques for reducing zipper noise enable very smooth and silent gain changes.

Two general purpose outputs on the 5263 can be connected to a variety of peripheral functions, e.g. input pad, phantom power switches, signal routing switches, LED indicators, etc. Separating the analog mic pre front end (THAT1583) from the digital functions and switched resistor ladder (THAT5263) allows each IC to be optimized for high performance.

Key Specifications(see the 5263 and 1583 datasheets for complete specifications)

Parameter Conditions 1583/5263 Combination Units
Analog Supply Voltage Referenced to AGND ±5 to ±17 V
Digital Supply Voltage Referenced to DGND 3.3 V
Analog Supply Current No Signal 7.8 mA
Digital Supply Current No Signal 5.0 uA
Max Differential Input Level ±17 volt supplies, 0 dB gain 27.8 dBu
Max Differential Output Level ±17 volt supplies 29.6 dBu
Equivalent Input Noise,
Rs = 150 Ω, BW = 22kHz
0 dB gain
21 dB gain
51 dB gain
f = 1kHz, Vout = 24dBu
BW = 22kHz
24 dB gain 0.003 %
 Bandwidth (small signal)
CL = 10pF
0 dB gain
21 dB gain
51 dB gain
Slew Rate,
Vout = 10Vpp, CL = 10pF
G = 21 dB
38 V/µs
Dynamic Range
Rs = 150 Ω, BW = 22kHz
Power supply voltage:±17V
0 dB gain
21 dB gain
51 dB gain

Model Package Order Number Pricing (1000) Min Order Quantity Reference
1583 16 pin QFN 1583N16-U


($4.12 per channel)

92 Request Samples
16 pin QFN Tape & Reel** 1583N16-UR 2000
5263 24 pin QFN 5263N24-U 46
24 pin QFN Tape & Reel** 5263N24-UR 2000
5263 Demo Board 5263-DEMO $250.00 1

All 1583 and 5263 parts areRoHS compliant. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is one tube or one reel. Parts must be ordered in multiples of the MOQ. Samples are available to qualified applicants. Pricing is subject to change.

* Price when 1583 (2x) and 5263 are purchased as a set. ICs designated -UR are available on tape and reel for a modest increase in price and require an extended lead time. Please contact our sales department for pricing and current lead time.

Design Notes (as PDF files) 

Design Note 140  
Input and Output Circuits for THAT Preamplifier ICs (244k) 

More Analog Secrets Your Mother Never Told You (915k) At the 127th AES Convention attendees were invited to attend a THAT exhibitor seminar — “More Analog Secrets Your Mother Never Told You”. A sequel to our popular first “Analog Secrets” seminar, this new presentation exposes more design secrets including “extreme performance” microphone preamps, protecting audio inputs/outputs during phantom power faults, and maintaining high dynamic range in low cost applications.

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Additional Resources 

Digitally Controlled Microphone Preamplifier Selector 
A side by side comparison of the features and specifications of our digitally controlled microphone preamplifier chip sets. 

1583/5263 Digitally-Controlled Mic Preamp Demo Boards – A THAT Digitally-Controlled Mic Preamp Demo Board (US$250) allows developers to evaluate the performance of the THAT1583 / THAT5263 chipset. The demo board provides a balanced audio input on a Neutrik “combo” connector with 48V phantom power, and a balanced audio output on XLR and ¼” TRS connectors. The supplied graphical user interface (GUI) controls all functions in the 5263 chip via USB. A prototyping area is available for adding or modifying circuitry. See the 5263 DEMO Datasheet for more information. 

1583 and 5263 Surface Mount Adapter Boards – For our integrated circuits which are only available in surface mount packages THAT Corporation offers adapter boards which allow one of these surface-mount ICs to interface to a circuit board via traditional thru-hole mounting. These adapters make it easy for a design engineer to evaluate our surface-mount products on a prototype board without having to employ SMT technology. Adapter boards are available to qualified applicants. 

1583 Material Data Declaration Sheet 
Material Data Declaration Sheets (MDDS) disclose the hazardous materials in our integrated circuits as required by the European RoHS directive. 

5263 Material Data Declaration Sheet 
Material Data Declaration Sheets (MDDS) disclose the hazardous materials in our integrated circuits as required by the European RoHS directive.