The Ukraine and Russia are sources of a number of materials used in the semiconductor industry.  The current conflict in the Ukraine, especially coming on the heels of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on semiconductor supplies, has raised concerns regarding possible shortages.  Happily, THAT’s own fab is well stocked with materials whose supplies might be put at risk by the Ukraine/Russia conflict.  Furthermore, none of THAT’s fab or other supply-chain partners source materials required for our ICs are from either country.  

While there is some potential for certain materials (e.g., Palladium, used in plating most of our lead frames, or Argon, used for some wafer-making operations) to be in short supply, we or our suppliers have adequate supplies on hand, or we have alternative means of producing our ICs without these materials.  At this point, we do not expect any disruption in our supplies caused by the conflict in the Ukraine.

We will continue to monitor the situation ourselves and with our suppliers to minimize any disruption to our IC supply chain, and will keep customers advised if the situation changes.