• Baseband Jitter 25ps rms (typ, 100Hz-40kHz)                  
  • Wideband Jitter 50ps rms (typ, 100HZ-1MHz)
  • Jitter attenuation >60dB (above 100Hz)
  • MCLK frequency range 6-50MHz
  • Analog and highly configurable digital loops
  • Clock multiplier and frequency synthesizer PLL
  • Generates MClk/BClk & Frame clocks
  • Phase aligned Frame clock (per AES11)
  • Industry Standard MSOP10 Package
  • +3.3V power supply


  • THAT 7200 – Complete audio-focused clocking system
  • THAT 7210 – Clock cleaner, generates low-jitter MCLK from jittery WCLK
  • THAT 7220 – Clock generator, supplies low-jitter MCLK and WCLK without external reference


  • Networked and USB audio systems
  • Including: AES67, Dante®, Ethernet AVB and TSN – Including Milan®, Ravenna and more
  • High-performance ADC & DAC clocking
  • Digital audio and video mixing consoles
  • IoT sensor and transducer systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Computer Connectivity Including:
    • Microphone preamplifiers
    • Thunderbolt™
    • Networked loudspeakers
    • Recording systems
    • Stage boxes


The THAT7200 Series ICs are the first standalone JetPLL audio clock generators. Using jitter elimination technology invented and patented by audio clocking guru Chris Travis, these Phase Locked Loop ICs are specifically designed to optimize audio quality. This is essential in networked audio and USB audio applications, where each audio device must recreate and synchronize its own local clock to outside clocks.

External received clock sources often contain large jitter that causes distortion and noise when used to clock audio converters. The THAT7200 family of PLLs generates extremely clean clocks, attenuating received jitter by over 60dB, delivering less than 25ps of baseband jitter and ensuring frame synchronization per AES11. This enables high-performance ADCs and DACs, and the entire audio chain, to reach their full sonic potential.

The THAT 72xx products are pin and code compatible with the Cirrus CS2xxx family of parts. the 7200 is compatible with the CS2000, the 7210 is compatible with the CS2100, and the 7220 is compatible with the CS2200. All of the 72xx products have a more versatile set of features in Native JetPLL Mode. They also deliver better performance than the Cirrus parts in both Compatible and Native JetPLL Mode.


The detailed Datasheet is currently available to qualified customers who have executed a confidentiality agreement with us. Click here for more information.

Key Specifications

Baseband Jitter
Wideband Jitter
above 100Hz>60>60>60dB
Cirrus Logic
Cross Reference
CS2000, CS2500CS2100, CS2501CS2200