THAT Corporation, a leader in boutique analog semiconductor manufacturing, has openings for Facilities and Wafer Fab Equipment Technicians in our San Jose and Milpitas fabs.


The Facilities and Wafer Fab Equipment Technician is responsible for the maintenance, repair, preventative maintenance, and calibration of all process, facilities and fab equipment in our wafer fab.


Fab Equipment Maintenance

  • Diffusion Area – Maintain quartzware inventory and order new quartzware when necessary. Help profile furnaces and change tubes and elements.  Change gas bottles when required.
  • Thin Films (Sputter) Area – Provide maintenance support for thin film area including target changes, tooling clean/change, and cryogenic pump regeneration on our MRC 903 sputter tools.
  • Masking Area- Provide maintenance support for the photomasking area, including equipment maintenance on SVG spinners, prime oven and develop sink. Provide support on the HT 340 Perkin Elmers by learning how to perform all qualification procedures such as distortion, focus and intensity checks.
  • Etch Area (wet benches) – Calibrate all bath temperature controllers and perform bath PMs as necessary. Perform preventative maintenance on Tegal 903 etchers and IPC ashers.
  • Maintain equipment Mechanical Pumps- preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Epi/Poly Area – Concept 2400 Reactors – Help with reactor quartzware cleans. Maintain gas bottle inventory, change gas bottles as necessary. Assist in maintaining reactor susceptor inventory.
  • CVD Area – Coyote – Help maintain vacuum pump oil levels. Assist in cleaning process boats. Assist in replacing furnace tube when required. Change gas bottles as required.
  • Grind and Polish Areas – Provide maintenance support for the Blanchard grinder, Strasbaugh grinder, SVG edge grinder, Speedfam polishers and SVG spin track.

Facility Equipment Maintenance

  • Maintain DI water system – Call on DI water vendor when new mixed bed bottles are required. Change filters and monitors water usage and quality. Sanitize system on a periodic basis.
  • Neutralizer/Scrubber- perform pH buffer checks weekly on final stage of AWN.
  • Other facility equipment – Provide troubleshooting and minor service for AWN system, compressor, house vacuum, chiller, and roof HVAC equipment.
  • Perform minor routine maintenance of cooling tower/ loop, and schedule the regular required monthly outside maintenance services with vendor.

Hazardous Waste

  • Interface with our hazmat disposal company
  • Maintain files of all related/required documentation (e.g. manifests)


  • Maintain inventory of all chemicals and bottled gases used in the fab
  • Keep records of usage rates


  • Monitor and replenish supplies of chemicals, gases, DI water, etc. as required.


  • 5+ years of working with similar types of equipment.
  • Very strong equipment knowledge and experience.
  • Knowledge and experience as a photolithography technician is preferred.
  • Ability to lift, push and pull greater than 40 lbs on a regular basis.
  • MS Office applications.

About THAT Corporation

THAT Corporation designs and manufactures integrated circuits that serve the professional audio market. We also provide boutique semiconductor foundry services to a range of fabless IC companies. These customers provide essential products for the aerospace, military, and industrial markets.

Our headquarters is in Milford, MA, and our semiconductor fabs are in San Jose, CA and Milpitas, CA. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits in a casual, hard-working, collegial, results-oriented atmosphere. Come join our passion and make a difference as part of our unique and eclectic team.

Contact Information

Send resume or letter of interest and experience to HR Manager.  No agencies please.