Location: China, preferably in the Shenzhen / Guangzhou or Qingdao regions.


dbx-tv, a leader in consumer audio technology and co-inventor of the North American analog TV broadcast standard, is looking for a highly motivated Field Application Engineer to join our team in China. In this position, you will directly improve the sonic performance of televisions and audio products sold around the world.

This key position will collaborate with our skilled technical and sales staff in the US and China to apply dbx-tv’s state-of-the-art audio optimization technology to consumer electronics products. You will act as the ears (and eyes) of our US-based technical staff. We’ll depend on your ears to adjust our award-winning processing to match the unique characteristics of each system to deliver the best possible sound for our customers. Additionally, you will use your technical skills to assist our engineering team in troubleshooting new applications of our technology. This position reports to the Licensing Sales Director (based in the US).

Desired Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate will have substantial audio processing experience (mixing, mastering, post-processing and/or engineering) and have an innate ability to evaluate and improve audio performance in consumer products.


  • A passion for and strong experience in audio
  • Exceptional audio processing skills / “golden ears”
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines in a fast paced environment
  • Strong work ethic, highly responsive and dedicated to achieving results
  • Flexible travel schedule
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently, when required
  • Solid project management capabilities
  • Ability to collaborate with both our customers and our US team on a technical level
  • Fluent English, both written and verbal; Mandarin skills a bonus
  • 2+ years experience in audio signal processing (mixing, mastering, post-processing, etc.)


Please submit your resume in English to: jobs@thatcorp.com with the Subject Line: China – dbx-tv



dbx-tv (THAT公司的一个下属部门)— 招聘现场应用工程师

地点: 中国大陆,深圳,广州,青岛地区最理想


在这一重要的职位上,你将会于我们在美国和中国熟练的技术和销售团队一起配合从而使dbx-tv的音频最优化技术应用到消费者电子产品之上。你会成为我们在美国的技术人员们的“耳朵”(和“眼睛”),我们将会依赖你的听力来为我们的客户按照每一个系统的特殊性能, 通过采用我们屡获殊荣的处理方式来调试出最佳的音效。除此之外,你将会应用你的专业技能来协助我们的工程师团队排除新技术应用时所遇到的障碍。这一职务的上级是专利授权销售总监(总部在美国)。




  • 对音频领域的热衷和具有丰富的经验
  • 出色的音频处理技术能力/“金耳朵”
  • 具有在较快节奏的工作环境中按时完成任务的实际能力
  • 良好的职业道德,高度响应敏捷,并致力于取得成果
  • 日程,行程的灵活
  • 必要时具有自发上进心和独立工作的能力
  • 扎实的项目管理能力
  • 在技术层面上具有能够和我们的客户以及我们的美国团队的协作能力
  • 英文口语和写作的流利,同时具有中文能力会是更加理想
  • 在音频信号处理行业里(混音,主控,以及后期处理等)具有2年以上的阅历

请你将你的英文简历发到:jobs@thatcorp.com, 主题标明:China — dbx-tv