A Voltage-Controlled Amplifier is a three-terminal device with a signal input, a signal output and a control voltage input. It varies its signal gain in response to the applied control voltage. THAT Corporation Blackmer VCAs are characterized by an exponential control characteristic (gain varies directly in decibels — dBs — with control voltage), extremely wide dynamic range, and low signal distortion. Our latest designs are particularly neutral in sound, imparting little or no coloration to audio signals in and of themselves. Of course, depending on how our parts are used, our OEM customers can use them to apply various sorts of coloration to the signals they process.

THAT 2181-series Trimmable Blackmer VCAs
2181-series voltage-controlled amplifiers require adjustment (trimming) to achieve their guaranteed performance. After adjustment, however, they boast the best performance of any IC VCA anywhere. This patented audio technology was developed by Gary Hebert, our Vice President for Engineering.

THAT 2180-series Pre-trimmed Blackmer VCAs
2180-series VCAs are made from the same patented silicon wafers as our 2181s, but are pre-trimmed during wafer processing so they require no adjustment (trimming) to achieve their guaranteed performance.

THAT 2162 Dual Blackmer VCA
The 2162 contains two high-performance Blackmer voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCAs). With two opposing-polarity, voltage-sensitive control ports, they offer wide-range exponential control of gain and attenuation with low signal distortion.

THAT2150 Series VCAs (Discontinued)
The 2150-series has been discontinued. For easy, pin-compatible replacements, see the 2181 and 2180 Series VCAs.  More Info on substitution…