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Design Support

IC product datasheets which contain all the detailed specifications required to evaluate our products for use in your circuits.

Pedal Page
Top Notch 9V-Powered Effects Pedal Designs featuring THAT Corporation IC Products.

Design Briefs
Our latest thoughts and designs featuring THAT Corporation IC Products..

Design Notes
Application notes containing detailed information on how to use our products in specific real-world circuits. The circuits presented have been crafted and honed by our own engineers whose years of experience give them rare insight into the intricacies of analog audio design.

Technical Papers
White papers written by THAT Corporation engineers, published in technical journals, and/or presented at electronics industry conventions and conferences around the world.

Seminars and Articles
Exhibitor presentations and trade magazine articles which illuminate the use of our integrated circuits in audio design applications.

Demonstration Systems
Demonstration boards which provide an quick, easy and inexpensive way to evaluate the performance of our ICs. THAT demo boards are self-contained with standard audio connectors for signal input, output and external control. 

Surface Mount Adapter Boards
THAT Corporation offers adapter boards which allow one of our surface-mount ICs to interface to a circuit board via traditional thru-hole mounting. Perfect for prototyping.

Device Models
Device models for many of our ICs. These SPICE macro models model typical noise, offset voltage, bias current, gain bandwidth, VCA distortion and other important parameters.

Technical Support Request
Our applications and design engineers will be glad to discuss your design, provide reference designs, or help tweak an existing circuit. Let us help!

Conflict Minerals Statement
TTHAT Corporation does not knowingly utilize any minerals sourced from Conflict Regions. For a copy of our supplier's conflict minerals report contact our sales department.

RoHS 2 Compliance Program
THAT Corporation's IC products meet the European Union's RoHS 2 standards for lead-free semiconductors. This section of our web site is designed to answer your questions about our implementation of the RoHS 2 standard.

Harsh Environment Packaging
THAT Corporation has authorized TT Semiconductor to repackage its IC products in ruggidized plastic for the medical, aerospace, defense, and heavy industrial marketplaces where operation under harsh conditions may be required.

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