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THAT Appoints Microtek as Distributor in Japan   
MicrotekTHAT Corporation has appointed Microtek Inc. as THAT’s new distributor in Japan. With offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kanagawa, Microtek serves a broad cross section of Japan’s electronics manufacturers, including many of the best-known audio companies. More...

THAT Introduces 2-Channel Digital
Preamp Controller
THAT5263 Dual Preamp ControllerTHAT Corporation today announced the availability of the THAT5263 – a wide-range digital preamplifier controller IC intended for use with low-noise differential analog audio preamplifiers. The 5263 operates from ±5 to ±17V analog supplies, offers 3dB steps from 0 to 51dB gain, and supports input signals up to +29.6 dBu. More... 

Q5X Uses THAT4316 to Improve Dynamic Range
Q5X Player MicIn 2002, Q5X set out to create wireless mics that were tough enough and unobtrusive enough to be worn by professional athletes. A little over a decade later, Q5X has grown to become the market leader in wireless sports audio with their QT series of wireless transmitters, aided by THAT Corporation’s 4316 Analog Engine® IC.

"For Q5X, transmitter size, ruggedness and audio quality matter” comments Paul Johnson, CEO. “The THAT 4316 is well developed and well documented with solid App notes which have breathed new life into our design flexibility. Switching to the THAT 4316 has resulted in improved companding and dynamic range as we design ever-smaller and more capable transmitters.”

Q5X systems are currently in use by the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, CFL, WNBA, and the X-Games. All major networks use their wireless technology and dozens of major stadiums have permanent installations. Want more info about Q5X technology? Check out their awesome product line here.


THAT300 Series Highlighted in Linear Regulator Design
THAT 300 Transistor ArrayTodd Owen and Amit Patel, Senior IC Design Engineers from Linear Technology Corporation, have published an article in EDN describing a linear regulator in which THAT 300-Series transistor arrays play an integral part.
The first part of the article is now available here: The-Quest-for-Quiet--Measuring-2nV-Hz-Noise-and-120dB-Supply-Rejection-in-Linear-Regulators--Part-1

THAT Corporation Introduces Low-Noise Differential Audio Preamplifier IC
THAT1580THAT Corporation, a leading provider of high-quality audio ICs, today announced the availability of the THAT1580 – a high performance current-feedback amplifier using THAT’s “deconstructed” approach that yields lower noise and distortion with higher slew rate while reducing cost. The 1580 is an optimal solution for analog and digitally controlled microphone preamplifiers, differential summing amplifiers, and even line-level input stages. It has application to audio, sonar, and instrumentation.. More...

Congratulations to Apogee
Apogee Duet 2Congratulations to our friends at Apogee for celebrating 30 years of digital recording quality and innovation! Their award-winning products have elevated the industry standard, and whether you’re a studio veteran or a garage band guru, you’ve likely longed for one of their converters and/or audio interfaces. Their “Apogee Engineering Difference” involves many different factors, one of which is using state of the art components to enable their amazing sound. Apogee’s Senior Design Engineer, Lucas van der Mee, employed our digital preamp controller for its flexibility and unique design. In a recent interview with ProSound News, he said, “THAT’s 5171 is at the heart of most of my mic pre design gain switching. It is a great part as it allows for your own implementation/ configuration”. THAT ICs can be found in their Symphony, Quartet, Duet and Ensemble interfaces. From all of us here at THAT, here’s wishing Apogee another 30 years of continued success!

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